About Us

BARF FeedingFor as long as dogs have been a part of our family, we have always fed them with a premium quality kibble. At the time we had no reason to believe that this wasn’t the best diet available.

When our Rhodesian Ridgeback Enzi found himself moving into our family home. We were suitably prepared with a bag of his previous food and a bag of quality kibble. When we started to transition him onto his new food, he just didn’t seem interested in eating either his original kibble or the new kibble. The new food seemed to tick all the right boxes, it was hypoallergenic, a well recommended premium brand but it just wasn’t for him.

We decided to purchase another premium brand, but he still wasn’t enjoying his food; so whilst at the vets for the usual check-ups we mentioned his eating habits and he was tested for any possible underlying illness. After been given a clean bill of health, a week later his eyes, paws and ears became red, he began scratching, and he had dark discharges from his ears. A return trip to the vets was booked immediately and an alternative prescription kibble was mentioned containing no corn or wheat.

Our breeder mentioned one of his brothers was thriving on something called raw feed and she was also considering a transition as well, but recommended some research first. An internet search found books on raw feeding by Lew Olson and Tom Lonsdale which we found ourselves nodding at throughout our research.

It quickly became obvious to us that most premium quality foods had been designed to appeal to us as humans and not necessarily fulfil Enzi’s requirements, and the vet subsequently diagnosed a chronic allergy to the carbohydrates and grains he couldn’t digest. We subsequently set our minds on a transition to a raw feed diet as well.

Like most, we were initially wary of feeding whole bones, and found it was difficult to source complete meals with the bones already ground, that we were confident of feeding him. We also wanted our feed in fridge friendly packaging that could be sealed again after opening and all this for an affordable price.Raw Dog Food

Initially we started making Enzi’s feed ourselves, and packaging it in sealable containers. His health and coat improved in a very short space of time, and our friends were always complimenting him on his much improved health, coat and vitality. They were fascinated by his diet but afraid to produce it themselves.

This inspired us to create Raw Menu, and following our belief in “You are what you eat”, we have sourced quality local British produce, and created a food we are happy to feed Enzi, who has as it happens become an eager lead test pilot for our foods.

To have the items delivered a minimum order of 6kg of frozen products are required for shipping.

Supplements can be ordered on an ad hoc basis.